Acroprint Announces AcroTime Payroll

RALEIGH, NC — October 2014 — Acroprint Time Recorder Company is pleased to announce the addition of payroll processing services to their popular AcroTime Workforce Management suite. Based in the cloud for anytime, anywhere access, AcroTime already offers Human Resources tools and Time and Labor Management. With the addition of Payroll, AcroTime now provides a complete, seamless end-to-end workforce management solution.

Popular Features

AcroTime Payroll offers many in-demand features. Employer can choose between direct deposit, pay cards and/or traditional paper checks. Security profiles allow customization for unlimited levels of access, so you can lock down sensitive payroll information while still allowing easy payroll processing. Geospatial tax identification ensures accurate local tax calculations based on each employee’s exact work and home locations.

Calculations-as-You-Go eliminates the need for preprocessing, allowing payroll administrators and business owners to view statements and essential reports in real time. The reporting function offers more than 60 standard reports plus the ability to create ad hoc custom reports to meet your specific needs.

The payroll service can be used alone or in combination with either one or both of the other suite modules.

Seamless End-To-End Workforce Management

AcroTime Payroll integrates smoothly with both AcroTime HR Management and AcroTime Time and Labor Management. You can subscribe to one, any or all of the modules as your business needs dictate. Using a unified database and a single log in to access all available features, AcroTime makes workforce management easy, accessible and affordable for organizations of all types and sizes.

AcroTime Time & Labor Management allows businesses to easily and accurately record employee work hours. With a variety of data collection methods, and features such as job costing, dynamic scheduling and accruals management, AcroTime Time and Labor Management is ideal for dynamic organizations or those with flexible, mobile or remote workforces.

AcroTime HR Management offers enterprise-quality human resources compliance and management tools, including applicant tracking, onboarding/offboarding support, performance management, benefits administration and more. AcroTime HR Management can streamline processes in traditional HR departments, and serves as a vital resource for organizations that lack a dedicated HR function.

For more information about the full AcroTime Workforce Management suite and to schedule a live demo or request a quote, visit the AcroTime website or call 800.298.0330.

About Acroprint Time Recorder Company

Acroprint Time Recorder Company is a leading global manufacturer and distributor of workforce management solutions with more than 1,000 dealers/distributors across the United States and products that are exported to 80 foreign countries. Our products are used daily by millions of employees around the globe to accurately record their time and attendance. A family-owned company headquartered in Raleigh, NC, Acroprint has been helping businesses save time and money on labor management since 1969.