HR Management

Streamline and Automate Your HR Processes

While most small and midsize companies have processes, policies, and strategies in place for HR management, these activities tend to be time-consuming and inefficient and don't scale well as your business grows. We provide a robust HR application that enables you to streamline and automate these HR tasks efficiently and effectively. Self-service functionality takes it one step further by empowering your employees to handle many of their own HR-related tasks.


HR Management

Applicant Tracking allows managers to perform online application searches and track job applicant candidates throughout the hiring process. Candidates can directly apply for a specific position online.

HR Management

Performance Management provides an automated method for managers to review employees and for employees to review their own performance through a multi-tier review process. Performance is measured through competencies, goals, and core values.

HR Management

Onboarding Checklists help you electronically submit W-4 and I-9 forms, conduct open enrollment with employee self-service, and manage automated payroll deductions.

HR Management

Compliance is a breeze with reports for new hires, EEOC, and Vets 100. Speed the submission process with built-in workflows for filing forms such as I-9s and W-4s.

HR Add-Ons

Specialized add-ons are available for an additional fee. These powerful tools expand the functionality of the AcroTime HR solution by incorporating top third-party services offering compensation market comparisons, applicant tracking, background screening and more. Contact us to learn more about the available add-ons and to schedule a demo of AcroTime.

included = Included   optional = Offered via third-party provider


Applicant Tracking included
Candidate Self-Service optional
Interview Tracking included
Applicant Self-Service optional
Background Screening optional


New Hire Checklist included
Social Security Number Verification Service optional
E-Verify optional
I-9 Submission / Sign-Off included
W-4 Election / Submission included
ESS Benefits Overview & Enrollment included
Custom Forms included

Benefits Administration

Available Benefits Plan Overview via ESS included
Defined Benefits Eligiblity optional
ESS Open Enrollment included
ESS Life Event Enrollment included
Benefits Drive Payroll Deductions included
Carrier Connectivity optional
Effective Date Benefit Plans included

Asset Management

Company Property Management included
Vehicle Management included

Trainings & Certification Management

Skills Tracking included
Course Management included
Certifications Tracking included

HR Resources

Document Storage optional
Dcoument Retrieval Tracking optional
Employee Directory included
Wiki Self-Generated Content included
Organizational Chart included
Company Events & News included
HR Documents & Forms Creator included
HR Compliance Library optional

Incident / Discipline Tracking

Case Tracking & Reporting included
Incident-Based Email Notifications included
Supporting Document Storage optional


New Hire Reporting included
EEO Reporting included
Vets 100 Reporting included
Workers' Comp Injuries / Claims Management included
OSHA Reporting included
ACA Manager optional

Position & Job Management

Job Tables & Tracking included
Job Requisitions optional

Performance Management

Performace Appraisal Definitions included
Competencies, Goals, Core Values included
ESS Employee Self-Assessment included
MSS Multiple Manager Assessment included

Compensation Management

Salary History included
Salary Survey included
ESS Benefit Statements Note 1
Pay Grades / Steps included
Compensation Reports optional

Additional Features

User-Created Fields included
User-Created Screens included
Easy-to-Use Report Writer included
Export to Excel, PDF & More included
Configurable Workflow included


Termination Details / History / Checklist included
Exit Interview included
Turnover Reporting included

Note 1: Available only if Payroll is enabled

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