Health Care, Medical Offices and Clinics

You went in to health care because you wanted to help people — but between insurance claims, government filings and other forms, you’re drowning in paperwork. We can make your payroll processing smoother, easier — and less paper-intensive.

AcroTime web timesheet totally eliminates the hassles of paper timesheets and manual employee scheduling. Your staff can clock in and out using nothing more than an Internet-connected computer and web browser software, or you can choose badge terminals or secure biometric terminals. You can even mix-and-match on a single system. The sleek, modern terminals are ideal for professional office settings.

AcroTime is easy and intuitive to use for everyone, with minimal training required. It flawlessly handles hourly, salaried non-exempt and salaried exempt employees and can accommodate a variety of schedules for part-time and full-time staff. AcroTime is an ideal solution for offices that don’t have a dedicated IT department on-site.

Processing payroll is a breeze, as well. The system automatically totals employee time worked (including overtime) and exports to popular payroll systems and service bureaus. No more adding up time sheets; no more manual data entry! Your office manager can focus on effectively managing the office, instead of pushing paper.

You can rest easy that your employee timesheet data is secure. Our data center’s security exceeds the Department of Defense standards for a Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility (SCIF). (Click here to learn more.)

Spend less time pushing paper and more time with your patients. Take a closer look at AcroTime today!