Product & Service Marketplace

One-Stop Shop With Solutions to Meet Your Needs

The Ancillary Product & Service Marketplace (Marketplace) provides the additional services you need, when you need them. Accessed conveniently through your workforce management platform, the Marketplace features both internally developed add-ons, as well as applications and services from accredited third-party vendors. Marketplace add-ons are closely integrated with the AcroTime platform, and extend your capabilities across a broad rage of functional categories.

Vendor Selection

To become a preferred vendor within our Marketplace, companies must demonstrate industry leadership in several key areas, as well as undergo thorough testing to ensure their products work seamlessly with our platform. These vendors are at the forefront of their industries in their development practices, data security, quality of service and support, and more.

The Marketplace is constantly growing, with new categories and vendors added regularly.

Vendor Highlights

PayScale is a leading provider of employee compensation data and reports. By utilizing one of the largest databases of individual compensation profiles in the world, PayScale enables you to recruit, retain, and motivate your talent with accurate pay.

Santeon’s eBenefits Network is a service that automates benefit enrollment data exchange. Through prebuilt, secure, and fully managed integrations between the platform and all of your benefit insurance carriers and providers, eBenefits Network simplifies benefits administration while reducing associated costs.

easyBackgrounds is one of the foremost providers of employee background screening services. easyBackgrounds provides highly accurate and thorough background screening solutions through a variety of packages to deliver the workplace security you need.

E-Verify® is a program developed and provided by U.S. Department of Homeland Security to verify the right of newly hired employees to work in United States. This service, required by law in a growing number of states, allows you to easily determine employment eligibility.