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Acrotime Workforce Management APP

According to Forbes, 81 percent of employed adults use at least one mobile device for business purposes. AcroTime’s mobile app is ideally suited for companies with employees and managers on the move.

Available for both the Apple and Android platforms, our mobile app provides powerful tools across the workforce management spectrum for managers and employees. Offering features such as employee and manager self-service, geospatial fencing, real-time data and built-in workflows, the AcroTime mobile app works for your entire team.

Time & Labor Management

For Employees:

  • Punch In/Out with GPS Coordinates

  • “Check Distance” Geofencing for Punch Location

  • Offline Punch

  • View Accrual Balances

  • Request Time Off

  • View Timesheet

  • Change Cost Centers/Labor Transfer

  • View Schedule

For Managers:

  • Set Up Cost Centers

  • See Who Is In/Out

  • Approve Time Off Requests

Acrotime mobile-app


For Employees:

  • Review Pay Statements

  • View Total Earned Amount and Deductions from Paychecks

For Managers:

  • View Employee Lists

  • View Employee

  • Pay Statements

Human Resources

For Employees:

  • View Employee Profile

  • View Checklists to Aid with Onboarding

For Managers:

  • View Employee Checklists

  • View Employee Information

  • View Employee Profile