Manufacturing and Warehouses

We’ve been a manufacturing company for over forty-five years, so we understand first-hand the issues facing manufacturing and warehouse businesses — the need to control costs, and to efficiently and effectively manage a diverse workforce across jobs, across departments, maybe even across town at a remote facility.

Concerned about costly “buddy punching”? AcroTime’s biometric terminal options require employees to be physically present in order to clock in or out. No more buddy punching!

Frustrated by the amount of time your supervisory, timekeeping and payroll staff spend on reviewing, approving and processing time cards? AcroTime online punch clock allows supervisors to review and approve time quickly and easily over the web. It automatically totals up hours worked (including overtime) and exports the time data to your payroll system or service provider. No more adding up time cards by hand and no more manual data entry means fewer payroll errors, more satisfied employees and time and money saved for you.

Anxious making the switch is going to be a hassle? No worries! It’s easy to get started with AcroTime. There’s no complicated installation, because it runs over the web. All you need is an Internet connection and a web browser.

AcroTime online punch clock is easy and intuitive to use. You and your employees can get up and running without complicated training or expensive consulting assistance, allowing you to focus your attention on your business. AcroTime smoothly tracks employees by job, department or location, making it easy for you to accurately allocate costs.

Concerned about expense? AcroTime is budget-friendly. There’s no big up-front cost, and you don’t have to purchase a larger system than you need simply to handle occasional peak staffing levels. With AcroTime, you pay-as-you-go, and only for active employees.

AcroTime is ideal for manufacturing companies that want to effectively manage their employees, control their costs and improve their business processes. Take a closer look at AcroTime today!